mommin’ ain’t easy

The momming struggle is real. Between the never-ending mess of toys to wiping up piss & puke, coming up for air seems like the impossible. We’re more than just moms…we’re nurses, short order cooks, teachers, janitors, the list goes on. I’m a devoted momma and wife, who’s obsessed with all things Disney. A healthy lifestyle is what I strive for daily, despite being a pasta lover! I’m a self-proclaimed dancing machine and total book nerd. Having my two children has completely turned my world upside down (in a good way). I hope you’ll join me on this journey to finding yourself and what makes us the great moms we are deep down inside.

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Briana D.

A passionate mother of two and a devoted wife. Family first. Disney second. Former news and entertainment Anchor, Reporter, Writer and Producer, turned momma, turned blogger. Healthy lifestyle aficionado, hoping to spread some inspiration to other moms along the crazy parenting ride! <3

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