Disney doesn’t have to suck!

003AF025-4F4B-41F4-91AB-2A910F9F748CWe all either dread it or dream of it. A Disney vacation with your family! Without a doubt, my family and I are HUGE Disney fans and I’m here to tell you how to rid of your Disney anxiety and just enjoy it, because Disney doesn’t have to suck.

1. First things first, you have to just swallow the fact that you will NOT get everything done in one day and not even one vacation. My family and I have been to the parks more than two dozen times and there are a bunch of things we haven’t touched the surface of yet. Not to mention, Disney is always ten steps ahead of us, evolving, innovating, ever-changing, brainstorming…New ideas, new rides, new restaurants, new experiences and that’s what makes Disney SO awesome! If you accept that you will only experience what you can, then you will in fact enjoy every glittering moment and you’ll have the best time ever, doing it! If you’re torn on what to do, start with the classics and work your way out.
2. That brings us to reservations and fast passes. So, I sort of have a love, hate relationship with this concept, because I can totally empathize with a go with the flow attitude, but sometimes in Disney we don’t have that choice. For peace of mind, I would say it doesn’t hurt to have the fast passes in line to reserve the attractions you want to do and if you make it, you make it. Don’t forget to get the MyDisneyExperience App. Fast passes can be made up to 30 days prior to your arrival. 60, if you’re staying on property, (makes it a benefit to do so). You get 3 fast passes per park per day, once you complete those, you can add additional ones, one at a time. Also, when it comes to the restaurant reservations, they’re usually pretty easygoing if you need to cancel. Although there is a 24-hour cancellation policy, most times you can call or show up and say it just can’t happen today, because my kids are a mess. They’ll let it slide, because…Hey! It’s Disney!
3. Try to avoid public transportation at all costs! Not only does the complimentary bus add more time to your travel to and from the park, but when you’re strapped with kids, strollers diaper bags and snacks things can get really tricky, not to mention cumbersome. “The Magical Express,” isn’t so magical when you’ve got a couple screaming, hungry kids at the end of day and no place to sit, not to mention being stuck in a hot box with everyone and their germs. If you can avoid buses and the tram (if you can splurge an extra $10- $15 to park at the entrance of the park, then by all means do it!)
4. It’s ok to splurge! You’re on vacation! Think about how much lifting, walking, rushing, running you are doing all day. You have to realize that Disney is all about the experience and not so much about the food, (unless you head over to Epcot or get the opportunity to enjoy the Food & Wine Festival). So you “foodies,” may have to have a pizza and some chicken fingers and that’s OK! My favorite splurge is in Adventureland, just outside of the Swiss Family tree house, it’s called “The Sunshine Tree Terrace,” and they serve up the perfect swirl of vanilla ice cream and an orange ice…the perfect Florida treat!

5. Try to have FUN, because that’s what Disney is all about! Walt Disney himself never got the chance to see the grand opening of Walt Disney World, Orlando. So, consider yourself lucky to be able to do so. Additionally, there are tons of people who only dream of getting to experience the happiest place on earth and are never afforded the chance. So go on…bask in the glory of letting go of your worries and letting your imagination soar. Hakuna Matata!

-Briana D’Andrea

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