Potty Training is the Pits

I don’t know about you, but for me potty training is probably one of the worst parts when it comes to the parenting process. Now don’t get me wrong, I realize there are a slew of other first world problems many a parents face! However, I’m just keepin’ it real. The sheer idea of cleaning up feces and urine off of my living room floor, car seat, sheets…you name it, simply grosses me out. I realize that it’s my child who is making said bowels, but for whatever reason ripping off the band-aid and jumping on the potty train has me anxiety ridden. Don’t even get me started on the public restroom saga. Blech!

I feel like with my son (and perhaps it’s because he’s a bit more of a timid one), it wasn’t SO bad. We used to stand up on public toilets (he simply couldn’t reach & your welcome for the tip ;), so that he could go. He had this sort of this understanding that if he went in the potty he would get a sticker each day and then a prize at the end of the whole gig.

However, with our little lady…tooooottallyyy different story. I’m not sure if it’s a control thing, because with her that seems to be the case, with every. single. thing. Or perhaps it’s just the fact of the matter, that she’ll be ready on her own time. When our little man was 2 years old, just before bath time, I would set up the potty. Time and time again nothing would come of it and then one day boom!

I’ve tried the same tactic with little miss to no avail. She has no desire to pee in the “Elmo” potty and took it upon herself (while we were on vacation in the Keys might I add), she must’ve been feeling fancy, to go. Just. Like. That. We gave her a treat, made a big deal and as I presumed didn’t do it again. Experts say that regression is totally normal. Sleep regression. Eat regression.  We get it. What do the docs say about stress regression…nothing? Cool.

Fast-forward a couple of days and this lady decides to go for a number TWO on the big girl potty, completely unprovoked. Totally mind blown, I call my husband out of breath, freaking out about what to give her! Um the world, DUH! Long story short I have been saving these little Disney princess dolls for said occasion. She was totally stoked and chose Belle. After naptime, she decided Belle wasn’t going to cut it and wanted Snow White instead. Obvi, I didn’t budge and said if she goes potty not only will she continue to get each and every doll in the set, but a surprise at the end. Her response is I’ve already gone in the potty, mom! Number one and number two…done!

I guess my point in telling you this whole story is, I’ve since backed off to see how this strong willed 2 year old bite sized teenager is going to wean herself off of her diapers. I’m certain that one day she will have an epiphany and decide that she wants big girl panties and diapers are a thing of her past. Perhaps, I’m not pushing the envelope too hard, because these will be the last diapers I change for a while. Ouch. That hurt. However, I know in my heart of hearts that little miss V won’t be walking down the aisle in a poopy dipe. So why rush my kid into yet another phase of life, when I should just appreciate her independence and who she is right now. Side note: Right after writing this piece, she totally went in the potty again. Wish me luck! As with everything, I know this is just a phase and will someday be a blip on the radar. Just breathe.

-Briana D.





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