Dinosaur Invasion Times Two


Get ready to dig up some of the most interesting creatures this world has ever known! The Dinosaur invasion is back at The South Florida Science Center and Aquarium in Palm Beach! Only this time they are bigger and badder, since making an appearance more than 5 years ago! 

Step back to a land before our time and witness 20 different species of animatronic dinosaurs from the Tyrannosaurus Rex to the Velociraptor, unlike anything you’ve ever seen! My husband and I took my 6-year-old boy and 2 year-old girl to see the exhibit firsthand and it definitely aimed to please! 

When you walk in, these larger than life re-creations take your breath away and as you meander through the exhibit. Not only are you transported to a time when humans weren’t even close to making an appearance, but you travel through different countries to learn about which species made their home in certain areas of the world. It was quite the incredible educational experience, that taught our little ones about what dinosaurs ate, to how much they weighed and their place of origin. This time around there’s an eerie hallway that leads out to the unexpected. The most giant alligator you have ever laid eyes on, a T-Rex that will literally give you the chills to think something so large and frightening ever roamed the earth to begin with and a number of interesting creatures, I for one had never seen before. The kids had a blast in the sand pit, digging for fossils and brushing the bones in an effort to piece to together which monsters made their way through through the earth millions of years ago. Definitely a major upgrade from the first exhibit! 


“Guests will get an up-close view of the amazing creatures, while learning about the most recent discoveries in the world of paleontology. We want to ‘open every mind to science,’ and this is the perfect way to get visitors excited with this part of history,” said President of the SFSCA Lew Crampton. It most definitely got us excited about a time when these smart and quick-witted creatures dominated the world for well over 150 million years, until an asteroid wiped them out of existence. 

However, scientists believe dinosaurs aren’t totally extinct and many of their descendants are among us today. We had such a great time walking the exhibit and getting a chance to experience the recent improvements to the science center, we can’t wait to go back! Why not take this chilling and thrilling tour for yourself and make up your own mind? Catch the exhibit before it stomps out of here now through April 21st. 


The exhibit is presented by Palm Beach Illustrated, The Palm Beach Post, WPBF Channel 25, Estrella TV, Outfront Media, Gast Construction Group, Quantum Foundation, B/E Aerospace and The Tourist Development Council of Palm Beach County and Discover the Palm Beaches. 

-Briana D’Andrea



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