A Rainforest Right Here In South Florida

The Science Center is always a great idea, especially during the brutal Florida summer months! This time our little family took a trip to visit their latest exhibit, “Rainforest Adventure: Inspiring Wonder for the Natural World.” I particularly have a sweet spot for the rainforest, because my husband and I had our honeymoon in Costa Rica, back in 2010! There’s something about the lush landscape, coastal views, the exotic animals and not to mention the food, that keep me so intrigued, by such an amazing eco-system. It was really neat to be able to experience that with my two small children and give them a tiny glimpse into what it was like when we were fortunate enough to experience the rainforest almost nine years ago! 

When you step inside the exhibit you are immediately transported to the tropical ambience of the rainforest. A maze is set up in the exhibit space for the kids to explore and learn fun facts, like the rainforest it is one of the least known habitats on Earth! They had the opportunity to see what it was like to swing like a monkey, climb up a spider web and test their frog jumping skills! They even had the chance to see what it was like to zipline though the trees. There’s a little interactive spot where, you can smell all of the things native to the region in a little sensory area. Things like chocolate and fruits and spices immediately transport you to the lush landscapes and immerse you into the culture of South America. As you exit, there is an area where the kids can learn all about ways to help conserve the rainforest and our eco-system. Things like conserving water, recycling and reducing our use of plastic. 

I highly recommend beating the heat and cooling off in this makeshift rainforest exhibit that runs through September 4th. If you’re looking for things to do for the kids during summer, winter or spring breaks, The Science Center does offer camps for children throughout the year. The program is designed to highlight seasonal science workshops. From experiments to technology teachings and everything in between. Plus the recently added brain exhibit, larger than life dinosaurs and new splash pad and mini golf course are sure to make it fun-filled day. They offer day passes and annual passes too! 

-Briana D. 

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