Test Your Superpowers at the Latest Superhero Exhibit

The South Florida Science Center and Aquarium strikes again! With some of the baddest and best superheroes of all time! Get up close and personal into the life of Batman, Superman and Iron Man to name a few. Test your strengths in mind, body and agility in the latest exhibit, “Hall of Heroes!” I took the kiddos on a rainy day over winter break to check it out and it was well received…especially by my 7-year-old son. 

“In our mission to open every mind to science, we strive through our exhibits to make sure learning is fun,” said Kate Arrizza, CEO of the Science Center. “Hall of Heroes is the perfect way to get kids to find out more about the physics and chemistry behind superpowers like thermodynamics and X-ray vision, as well as the history behind the heroes. Science and imagination go together to help us advance and shape our future.”

The exhibit takes you through the history and evolution of superheroes dating back to the 1930’s, with a few interactive stations. The idea is to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills and to explore new concepts through discovery, as you are transported back to the Golden, Silver, Bronze and Modern Ages. When you walk in, you can test your knowledge and get a secret code to unlock a safe. See what it’s like to match up against major wind speeds and what it’s like to use a robotic hand. Are you as fast as a superhero? Test your running pace in a race against time. Do you think you have what it takes to hang from a building? Try to beat the top time and test your strength to hang on for dear life. My favorite part? Seeing the progression of all of the Bat Mobiles over the decades. From the first movie to today, I loved looking at the models of the iconic vehicle that shaped the career of one the most beloved superheroes. Learn the chemistry and physics behind superpowers like thermodynamics and x-ray vision and try to build your best superhero vehicle out of blocks. (I was not successful at this! lol)

The first Bat Mobile to ever fly from 1969 TV show will welcome guests at Palm Beach International Airport. While Wonder Woman, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk will greet guests entering the Science Center. 

My son’s favorite part of the exhibit was using an electronic hand. It takes great skill to move the arm back and forth and push buttons that controlled the movement of the robots fingers to pick up blocks and move them from place to place. Highly recommend catching the exhibit that runs through April 19th while you can.

-Briana D’Andrea

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