I did it! I worked up the nerve to step outside of my comfort zone and launch a podcast! Entitled “momgirlpod,” my mission is to grow the momgirlblog brand and inspire moms everywhere to be the best version of themselves! It’s been something I’ve been thinking about for quite sometime and when my mother in law bought me a microphone for my birthday back in October, I thought now I REALLY had to do it. Then the holidays happened and although it was still on my heart, life kept passing me by. Since being quarantined for the past almost two weeks, I’ve been working diligently to get this puppy up and running. While it is still a work in progress and a ton of trial and error, I welcome any and all suggestions. My hope is that this podcast inspires you to take this precious time we have been granted to work on something you’ve been thinking about.

The first episode is a piggyback off of my blog post “Never In a Million Years Did I Think I Would Be a Homeschool Mom.” I hope you enjoy it and it helps you navigate this unfamiliar territory, we as a nation are embarking on together. Please like, subscribe, comment and most importantly share with anyone you feel this may help! I want to thank every person who gave me advice, encouraged me and especially my husband who has inspired me to just keep swimming. xo

-Briana D.

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Briana D.

A passionate mother of two and a devoted wife. Family first. Disney second. Former news and entertainment Anchor, Reporter, Writer and Producer, turned momma, turned blogger. Healthy lifestyle aficionado, hoping to spread some inspiration to other moms along the crazy parenting ride! <3

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