Nobody’s Killing it!

Ok, I’ve gotta be honest. I’ve been a little quiet around here or at least it seems that way….Anyone else feel like they’re just going through the motions? Not sure if it’s because we have been in this COVID vortex for quite some time or maybe it’s, because I lost my best friend furry Sushi (our beloved pup of 17 years) and I can’t seem to quite bounce back from it just yet. 

Sure, I have some good days and bad, but I’ve come to the realization that COVID is here to stay. So what does that mean? Also, why has it become SO politicized? I assume it’s because we’re in an election year. 

Here’s the deal. We as parents thought we had it hard to begin with? Add a national pandemic to the mix and you’re in a for a real treat! It’s up to us to juggle all the things. I would be lying if I didn’t feel like I’ve lost myself some in the midst of all this. Whether you’re homeschooling and working full-time (there’s NO right or wrong answer), working from home or having to wear a mask and better yet work diligently to save lives all day…2020 is HARD. Now more than ever we HAVE got to set aside some time for what makes us, US. Ask yourself…is it reading a book? Watching some trash TV? Enjoying a quiet dinner after the kids are asleep? I’m telling you now that if don’t schedule it, it won’t happen. I’ve got to be honest, I’m pretty good about setting apart me time, but I would be lying to myself and all of you if I came off as someone who has it all together. I’m nearing my breaking point, pulling at straws to keep life as we know it normal. I’m also here to tell you that NOBODY is killing it! Everyone in their respective lanes is taking on this pandemic in different ways and suffering loss in more ways than one! Loss of a social life, loss of funds, loss of friends and even the loss of actual family members. 

I think the first step is to realize that we are living in the new normal. That big parties and gatherings are a thing of the past. Although they might be in our future, it won’t be the same for awhile. Perhaps its ok to give someone a hug (masks on), but then keep your distance. Here’s the other thing, if the kids need to go to school for your own sanity, then send them! If you need to head to the gym to interact with others and work out…do it! The bottom line is mental health is just as important as physical. I’m learning this everyday. Give yourself permission to do what you feel is right and screw everyone else, because after all we only have one shot, one opportunity on this planet. Maybe instead of saying nobody is killing it, instead we should say you’re killing it! So in the words my old friend Teo, “Go Big or Go Home!”

-Briana D.

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