4 steps to your best skin!

4 steps to your best skin!

I feel like I get this question all the time…what do you use on your skin?

Let me start off by saying that no two skins are alike and all skins aren’t created equal!

Here’s the thing, I don’t care what products you use, but you should most definitely wash your face at least twice a day! Think of all the dust, grime and pollution you face daily, it’s important to wash the crud to not only feel good, but to keep your skin looking radiant and young! Isn’t that what we all want?

Here is the 4 step process you should commit to at least daily:

Step 1: Cleanse- Remove any makeup or excess oil.

Step 2: Prep- Get your skin ready for treatment. When you cleanse your skin, especially with hot water, those pores open up. It’s important to shut those puppies back up so you can get your face ready for the real deal!

Step 3: Treat- This step packs powerful benefits and is often times overlooked. Do you have dull skin? Dark spots? Wrinkles? Whether you’re in the market for a serum or peel it’s important to stay focused on keeping this a step as a part of your regimen!

Step 4: Protect- Last but not least it’s the step that locks it all in. The moisturizer step! Whether you need a cream that’s going to counteract your oily skin or one that will boost hydration it’s important to understand your largest organ to treat it with only the best. You can skimp on a pair of earrings or jeans, don’t skimp on your face!

Not sure where to begin? Take this quiz, enter your concerns and see what is recommended.

Remember, your regimen is like an ingredient to you favorite recipe. If one item is missing, then it won’t give you the optimum results you’re in search of!

You wouldn’t make chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips right?

It’s important to get adequate sleep, h20 and minimize the stress as best you can! I know what you’re thinking…ha! You got this! I like to double cleanse with the Countercontrol Cleanser and Countertime Cleansing Oil.

*Video features Countermatch Toner, Overnight Resurfacing Peel, Countertime Supreme Cream & Countertime Eye Cream. Music by Outkast.

*I do make a commission based on sales as an independent consultant with Beautycounter.

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