the top 7 harmful ingredients lurking in your deodorant

Let’s be honest sweating is the pits and most of us are desperate to find whatever it is to keep our stink & sweat at bay. However, there’s a difference between a deodorant & an anti-perspirant. Most anti-perspirants traditionally use aluminum, which pretty much just blocks the sweat. Sounds good right? Wrong! What ends up happening is it plugs your sweat ducts which has long-term adverse effects. Typically the cells end up re-growing and could lead to some pretty scary scenarios. Plus, our bodies never get to really have a natural detox! If we don’t detox, then the heavy metals never leave our body. Scary to think about right?? Deodorants help to absorb sweat & fight odors caused by toxins to keep you feeling fresh as a flower or coconut! Best place to start is with a charcoal mask detox on your pits and find a safe deodorant that works! Have questions? Just ask! Shoot me a message at or visit my site to order yours today!

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