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Let’s be honest, sweating is the pits and most of us are desperate to find whatever it is to keep our stink & sweat at bay. However, there’s a difference between a deodorant & an anti-perspirant. Most anti-perspirants traditionally use aluminum, which pretty much just blocks the sweat. Sounds good right? Wrong! What ends up happening is it plugs your sweat ducts, which has long-term adverse effects. Typically the cells end up re-growing and could lead to some pretty scary scenarios. Plus, our bodies never get to really have a natural detox! If we don’t detox, then the heavy metals never leave our body. Scary to think about right?? Deodorants help to absorb sweat & fight odors caused by toxins to keep you feeling fresh as a flower or coconut! Best place to start is with a charcoal mask detox on your pits and find a safe deodorant that works! 

Pit Detox Challenge

Why Detox?

Think about it. Every day you are in constant contact with hundreds of different environmental toxins on any given day. From industrial to pollution, to different types of foods, cleaning products and yes deodorant, you are subjecting yourself to lots of toxic ingredients. Now, I say this not to scare you, but to be mindful of the products you are choosing to place and SIT on your skin every single day just like we choose safer beauty products.

The toxins like to sit and store and multiply in the cells within tissues of your body. This can cause some serious health, hormonal and reproductive issues. 

When we choose to “detox,” we are giving our bodies the permission to release all the toxins from our bodies and improve our overall health and well-being.  

Let’s talk pits…

I know what you’re thinking, well don’t I want to look like a sweaty pig?! The short answer is yes, but we need to let those toxins we talked about be released from our bodies. 

Please remember these two things: 

  1. Our skin, which is our largest organ is constantly absorbing all of the things. Simply layering harmful ingredients to our bodies suppresses their functionality and leaves us subject to illness and disease. 
  2. When it comes to our armpits, where our lymph nodes like to hang out, switching to a clean and non-toxic deo is a great way to put an end to the possibility of toxic and harmful ingredients entering the body. 

Steps of Detoxing and what you can expect: 

Step 1: The Detox 

In this stage you’ve got to consider mind over matter. Your pores are going ot open up and let out all of the toxins. You will probably sweat more and even stink a little. Using the Beautycounter charcoal mask should help to speed up the process some! 

It could take up to 2 weeks before you fully release all of the toxins. Stay strong and drink lots of h20. 

Use the clean deo just as you would your regular one and reapply when you feel like it. 

Feel free to use the deo at night too, bc you’ll definitely be doing some detoxing in your overnight rejuvenation process!

Remember to STAY STRONG! The heavy sweats and stinky pits means your body is working to release the gunk! Mind over matter, YOU GOT THIS! 

*Quick Tips: 

Drink lots of water during the detox process! 8 cups at a minimum. 

Ditch the processed foods and alcohol whenever possible to make the transition a little smoother. The less your body has to detox the better equipped to make the transition to clean deo seamless. 

Let your body sweat! It’s a natural occurence and needs to happen and don’t sweat the small stuff! K?

The most harmful thing you can do is clog the pores that are working to cool and regulate your body and its temperature!

Step 2: Adjustment 

At this point your armpit has rid of more than 50% of the toxic yuckiness stored and believe it or not your pits are starting to work the way they were intended to! That’s a win! At this point the smell and sweats will begin to subside! 

Step 3: Acclimatization

At this point your pits are able to regulate themselves. Most of the toxins have said their goodbyes to your pits and and your lymph nodes are pretty clean. Although you may not be as sweaty, you will still sweat, because we our jobs are never done when it comes to detoxification. 

Important to note*: Try not to introduce toxins back in, this is a lifelong commitment and journey to your health and well-being. 

Give yourself some grace: 

There will be instances when you need to reach for that anti-perspirant when necessary or on special occasions. The most important thing to remember is to NEVER GIVE UP! Your mind is stronger than you think and your body will thank you in the long run! 

Have questions? Just ask! Shoot me a message at or visit my site to order yours today!

*I do make a commission based on sales as an independent consultant with Beautycounter.

-Briana D.

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