Kennedy space center blast off!

Visiting Kennedy Space Center exceeded our expectations!

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex has always been on our family’s travel bucket list since the day our 8-year-old son was born! Although he and my husband are both Star Wars fanatics, most recently our little guy has had an affinity for space and the world beyond. After seeing some rocket launches and doing a virtual visit with an astronaut this past year, we knew we had to jump on the opportunity to get to Cape Canaveral. We had quite the incredible experience at America’s spaceport from start to finish and the best part was, it’s fun for ALL ages! With our 5-year-old daughter in tow and a celebration for my mom’s birthday, we chartered a journey to the Space Coast!

We started off the day by taking the obligatory photo in front of the NASA meatball and it was the most gorgeous day! Something really awesome is the visitor complex is on an island, so the cross breeze is absolutely glorious! We made our way to the very back of the park to get things started off on the right foot…our journey to “Atlantis.” This larger than life exhibit was at the top of our must-see things to explore while at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, so we wanted to make sure we started off with a bang! After watching a quick and inspirational movie, we did a self-guided walking tour of the ship, complete with interactive exhibits to keep the kids fully engaged and learned all about NASA’s Space Shuttle program. From sitting in a cockpit to an interactive space simulation activity and even a slide that boosts you to another dimension, we were able to play astronaut for the day and see what it was like to eat, sleep and live in outer space.

We then made our way over to Planet Play. This new interactive play space is a glow in the dark, 3 story behemoth of a playground, where the kids can let loose and just be kids! Next stop was lunch! From a variety of salads and sandwiches to choose from and not just your typical pizza and chicken tenders lunch, it was great! We had a Cobb salad and a Beyond burger from the Orbit Cafe. We were lucky enough to dine in the courtyard otherwise known as “NASA Central,” where we snapped a quick photo op with a spaceperson! We ducked into where we learned all about space moving rovers and how they travel around Mars!

Next stop was “The Space Shop.” Whether signed memorabilia or space food is your thing, there’s something for everyone in this two story shop, which might I say, was very well done! After grabbing a few mementos to remember what was already such an incredible day, we grabbed some “Space Dots,” ice cream and boarded a bus for our next mission on the other side of the compound. *Best bet is to book your bus tour upon arrival, so you get to pick the best time for you and your family to explore.

The “Space Bus,” dropped us off behind NASA’s pearly gates, where some of the most famous spaceships in our nation’s history have prepared for launch! We drove past the Vehicle Assembly Building, one of the largest buildings in the world by volume, where rockets like the Saturn V moon rocket was assembled and arrived at the Apollo/Saturn V Center. We were able to see the Saturn V…the largest rocket ever flown! *Fun fact: Every human who has stepped foot on the moon, launched from Kennedy Space Center aboard a Saturn V rocket! It was completely breathtaking and larger than life and we are already planning an overnight trip to stay there at the facilities! Yes, you can do that! After learning about man’s first trip to the moon and honoring the three heroes, whose lives were lost in Apollo 1, we prepared for lift off, back to base camp just in time to catch a 3D IMAX movie about asteroids, which totally blew our minds!

On our way out we explored the “Rocket Garden,” home to incredible and famous rockets from NASA programs like the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo…a place where you literally feel like an ant in a sea of giant space vehicles.

We had such an incredible day and can’t wait to visit again soon! Highly recommend paying a trip to the Space Coast! For more information or to book a trip to visit Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

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-Briana D.

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