Get Dressed In Luxury For Less!

Dress Me For Less Lux can make all of your personal shopping dreams come true! (photo cred: @elinasdreamphotography)

Have your eye on that perfect designer handbag, but not sure how to get your hands on it?

Meet Allysa, your personal shopper and fashionable friend. Dress Me For Less Lux is her latest business venture after working in the watch and car industry, buying and selling for many years. The company aims to find you the best deals and one of a kind designer purses, shoes, wallets and fashion accessories.

From the biggest names in fashion like Chanel, Louboutin, Prada and Gucci to Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent, Allysa helps you skip the long lines and haggling in stores, to offer a seamless virtual shopping experience. Think upscale Amazon! If that isn’t music to your ears, when there’s a sale she’s the first to know and she’s able to pass those savings along to you, thanks to her amazing relationships with sales associates she’s developed over the course of her career. 

No need to worry about authenticity, hidden fees or waiting days to get that perfect unicorn you’ve been looking for. Allysa and Dress Me For Less Lux takes the guesswork out and ships straight to your nearest FedEx in just 2 days, fully insured to reduce the risk of it being snagged off your doorstep. 

Allysa truly cares about getting to know her client. Whether it’s finding the perfect pochette for date night, the carry all for busy mamas or that special wallet fit for your hubby, she learns your budget, wants and needs and makes all of your designer dreams come true, even with those diamond in the rough, hard to find, sold out products! 

Skip the questionable EBay market and the nuisance of dragging your people to the store to shop, (we all know how that can go), support small business and let Allysa work her magic. She only charges a 10% finders fee versus shopping on other sites with higher markups and hidden fees. All prices including tax and shipping are listed on her Instagram @dressmeforlesslux.

*This is a paid sponsored post with Dress Me For Less Lux. All opinions are true and that of Briana D’Andrea from momgirlblog. Follow Briana D’Andrea & dressformelessluxe to see some of the bags up for grabs & start your obsession today! 

Photos captured by Elina’s Dream Photography

-Briana D. 

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